Over time, our teeth become dull and stained due to lifestyle changes and the natural aging process. At Stamas Dental Group, we offer teeth whitening treatments that will restore the whiteness and beauty of your smile. A professional teeth whitening treatment is so powerful and effective it is only dispensed by licensed dentists. Our team at Stamas Dental Group will take impressions of your teeth to make trays that will perfectly fit your smile. You will then be able to take home custom made trays, which you will apply whitening gel within, all at your convenience. The length of time you will need to wear the whitening trays will vary on your unique circumstances. A typical treatment lasts ten to fourteen days. You will need to wear the trays for an hour each day.

Over the counter whitening treatments, such as whitening strips, can lighten your teeth. But for optimal results, you want to rely on a professional treatment. Professional teeth whitening treatments are one of the easiest and most affordable ways you can rejuvenate your smile.

Don’t wait any longer to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Call us today and join the hundreds of others who have successfully brightened their smiles.

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